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This ministry is composed of singers leading the congregation in praise and worship. Their voices are anointed in singing God’s Word that creates an atmosphere of inspiration, removing burdens and destroying yokes.


Consists of skilled and anointed individuals who minister periodically during worship services and at special M.G.F.F. events. Our desire is to be able to glorify the Lord in dance and to teach the discipline of worship through dance. Our prayer is that every presentation is an atmosphere where the Holy Spirit can encounter every person watching.

Follow Up

Our follow-up ministry comes alongside new believers encouraging, directing and teaching by example how we are to live a life that is pleasing to the Lord. We follow-up by providing phone calls and letters to recent visitors and new believers.

Intercessory Prayer

Intercessors stand in the gap, they petition God on behalf of others and situations. This is a time when Christians rise up to pray for our Nation, governments, Church Leaders, to win the lost and to intercede for others taking their place.


For couples who are newlyweds and not so newlyweds to come together and with other couples to fellowship, laugh, find healing, refresh all while being strengthen, educated, encouraged, and built up through the Word of God.


This team ensures that you see and hear every aspect of the service. This ministry is composed of Audio, T.V. Production, projector and Social Media. They are responsible for the audio and video CD/DVD duplication of all worship services and special activities of the church.


Works to create a strong bond of brotherhood and unity among men to enhance their spiritual growth.


We believe in the importance of the sound of anointed inspired music that creates an atmosphere for a move of God. This ministry is comprised of instruments played by skilled and anointed musicians.


Edifies, educates, and guides unmarried Christians in the development and enhancement of their Christian walk and personal relationship with God

Sunday School

We offer Sunday School classes for all ages. We believe that God’s word is His heart given to us and that as we learn and study His living Word, we are strengthened by His Spirit and grace working in us to live for Jesus in this present world. It is our desire that those who attend will grow in the Word of God and be ministered to by the instruction of the Holy Ghost.


This group performs the vital service of directing, escorting and seating of the people who attend the services and other activities at M.G.F.F. Our desire is that they create a welcoming environment to those, we come in contact with, by serving our church family and first time visitors weekly.

Women Fellowship

Ministers to the special needs of women through meetings Conferences and special activities. Our desire is that through this ministry women would be made whole spirit, soul and body equipped for the work of ministry and everyday life in and outside of the local church.


To develop youth of purpose and praise by creating an environment that is conducive and comfortable for their growth in Christ. To enhance youth through creative and anointed ministry of the word of God, while involving them in Christian recreational activities. Our desire is to make a significant impact and positive difference in the lives that will cause them stand on the Word of God.